Walnut addict

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Leiah Cooper and her blog “So, I read this book today” 🙂

Past week I have been struggling with posting something to blog. I wrapped my head around learning Swedish and have found some Harvard’s online lectures about computer science so I have been busy. And I am trying to make this blog look little bit more eye appealing (that did not work how I planed haha).


Walnut season is finally over. Whole household was collecting them (100% organic from our back yard). Suki was “helping” too. She enjoyed cracking them with her teeth and trying to get walnuts out.

It was raining so we needed a place to dry them. Attic was one of the spots, but rest of house and yard was full of baskets with walnuts waiting to be dried. This past 2 weeks Suki was in charge discovering all secret places with walnuts and stealing them. She was fast pacing around hose and yard not really sure what to do with so many walnuts (she still don’t know how to berry food). Attic was the best, she would wait close to attic doors, and when someone needed something form attic, she would run in sprinting upstairs to get walnuts, and with same pace run downstairs with her walnut pray. And balcony oh, she could see us picking walnuts so we had to throw some to her too. Last year she was crazy about chestnuts.


It is first time I see this kind of wood, round and great to catch with my paws and it rolls perfectly. And inside is this bitter thing. I shall open them all, it could be something else in it. Right? I have feeling my humans forget sometimes where they store this round shape wood with secret inside. They are always surprised when I find new stash. And they are leaving them EVERYWHRE. They always ask me: “Where did you find those?” And then they follow me to my secret stash and then they remove it.

OMG its the attic door opening. Wooosh and Im up. Hmmmm so many nuts, I have to think fast. This one. Now, run down. Woooooosh. Oh my precious walnut, I will carry you around for little and than crack you open to get that delicious thing out and eat it. Well its not that good to be hones. It is bitter in beginning but later its eatable. Humans just took my walnut that was freshly cracked. This time I will follow them and take it away from them, so they will know how I feel when they are removing walnut stashes from me.

suki walnut

Dog toy review – Karlie brand

My father always says: “I am not rich enough to buy cheap products”. And if you are dog owner you probably experienced buying toy and being destructed in 10min or maybe it will last for 2 days.

And that is why I decided to give review of this toy and well this brand. I bought around 100 toys for my dog (they ranged from 2$ to 30$) and only one survived 2 years with very hyperactive and toy destructive dog. So i present to you Karlie’s rubber toy for dogs:

long bone 1

One and only veteran in Suki’s toys, this toy goes with us on every trip. Its 50cm (20 inch) long and survives every days tug of war for the past 2 years. It has some battle scars on it but it is still Suki’s favorite toy. It was only toy she picked up by herself in pet shop and refused to let go, so we had little problem at cash register (I had luck my local pet shop is using wireless price scanners so we were able to scan and charge for the toy). This toy had very light vanilla smell (I guess that is why Suki didn’t want to let it go), and even now it still has same light vanilla smell. I don’t know how they did that. Only problem with this toy sometimes is its length, so Suki is having problems chewing it and not being able to grip it with her paws. So after 2 years we bought another Karlie’s product:

Bone 1

This rubber toy is 20cm (8inch) long. End easier to grip and chew. It has slight vanilla taste just like toy above (I guess all their rubber toys are made from same material). It is dog save with non toxic materials :D. Suki loves it, and immediately started chewing on it. Price for this toy in Croatia is 10$, but on Amazon they are very expensive around 20$-40$. Still I think it is worth the money and I would buy it.

Theirs official site is http://www.karlie.de but I had trouble finding anything there (so unorganized). So I picked up label from my trash so you can see how it looks, if you come across this brand/toy in your pet store. For now I recommend Karlie’s rubber toys with see trough rubber, because I hadn’t tried out other rubber type jet.

I hope this review will help you out when choosing toys for your dog, and save some money. Have you ever heard of this brand or saw it in your store, and what toys/brands would you recommend as best buy for Suki?

Home sweet home :)



We are finally home. I don’t want to get in the car for the next 10 days. Driving to our parents place was long ride (around 7 hours), but we managed it with few stops. Than we decided to visit our friends (5 hour ride to them and 5 hours back to my parents) and well going home again 7 hours. To much driving with car and dog in 6 days if someone asks me. Suki refused to cooperate after first 7 hours. I guess heat and being in plastic travel container at the back of car wasn’t fun for her. After singing the worst lullaby for 1 hour, she was sitting in front of me happily looking outside the window. My feet went numb thanks to little smarty pants (I love that dog to much). So when we went sight seeing Šibenik I was walking like duck. Next stop was Zadar. We got in touch with our friends and spent 5 hours talking about our trip to Sweden. I had no idea how late it was till it got dark outside. And we didn’t have time to see city. But we had time to visit new pet shop (first thing we did when we arrived to the city) and buy some nice jerky chewing toy for Suki, so she was really good and had fun while we talked about our adventures in Sweden. When we got home Suki charged to our room and jumped on the bed, she fell asleep in a second.


You know that cool thing with four wheels that drives me to new places with new dogs, cats and so many smells. Its still cool thing but only if I am at front with my humans. I figured out if I sing for longer time they will let me to drive wit them, so I SINGGG!!!! It was so hot, so I made sure to drool all over my humans, and I refused to drink water, no time for that dudes loooook new place. We stopped few times, but best was the place where I got jerky my favorite chewing treat, and I saw really big bird there. I tried to smell her but she screamed at me so I run away behind my human. I met some new people, they all tried to pet me, and I don’t like that so I was chewing my jerky and ignored them.

I was so sleepy and I couldn’t wait to come home, I even fell asleep in the car.

Bed my dear bed I love you so….. ZzzZZzzzZz

On the road again

travelling with dog



Both my husband and I refuse to leave our dog behind us when we are traveling. So she goes with us everywhere. First time traveling she was only 4 months old. We drove with our family members in small minivan, and she was sleeping all the time. We took few stops so she can do her private business (I learned her to pee on command) and that is only time when our family member could see her. They were skeptic about traveling with such a young dog, and she proved them wrong.

This time its going only three of us, it took us 8 hours to reach our destination but it was worth it. We had to stop 6 times, Suki really didn’t like the trip, a lot of curves and bumpy road. She refused to drink water but eating our sandwich was not a problem. When we finally reached my parents house she was out of herself, sniffing everything, chasing cats (I will dedicate one post to this subject very soon) and leaving her hair all around the place. Perfect vacation don’t you think so?


When I was very very small my humans took me to see sea. If I knew we are going to place where is so much water I would not sleep in the car. But I had no idea where we are going and my humans had me on their laps so I felt safe and cozy.

Now, well… I really didn’t like the trip. All the time I thought I was going to puke. 😦

We arrived to place I know, uh uh I remember it. And so many cats, different cats. OMG. Its doggy paradise.

Rescue mission

rescue mission


First time rescue mission occur Suki was 1 year old. We where already aware of her fear of water, so we tried to spend more time in our walks next to the water, in hope fear will slowly fade away. We picked nice walking rout next to the river with small walking path . Above the path was nice promenade and only separation from those two was very steep concrete.

Suki was enjoying her walk as usually and water didn’t really bother her, but things that river carried, that was different story.

She would take wood branch, three times bigger than her, take it out from water, climb the steep concrete and leave it on promenade. Do I have to say she was the proudest dog while doing this action over and over again. And me well, I was blushing like crazy, people would look at Suki jump over branch, I would climb over steep concrete like monkey, take the branch and throw it away in river.

First time I was crazy enough and allowed myself to be seen by Suki. The branch that I trowed away was again in the middle of promenade. Next time I was smarter so I had to hide branch and throw it away while she wasn’t looking. Nailed it haha, we learn while we live 😀


OMG so many things in the water! To many! I will take them somewhere safe. Nobody likes water, it is bad thing, wet and yucky. I am going to sacrifice my paws to get wet so I can rescue everything from water. Look at all those juicy tree branches I love chewing on. No! They shall not be in water! I was rescuing them one by one but my human keeps putting them back in water. Strange creatures those humans are. I had to save first tree branch two times. But I have my suspicion they continue to offer my precious branches to water behind my back.

There is water monster in my water bowl!

water monster


Sometimes I have feeling her fear of water is getting worst, today she refused to drink water from her bowl, but drinking from flower pot is fine. On the other hand she wouldn’t walk next to puddle, but now she loves walking over it. First she was confused what it is so she tried to sniff it. And very soon blowing bubbles with her nose in the water was the best thing on planet (but she will not drink water from her bowl). Taking everything she can grab from puddle is other fun thing to do, I call it rescue mission. It doesn’t matter what it is; rocks, wood, plastic things, dead animals… she will take all of those things out from puddle to some dry place.



There is water monster living in my water bowl, I saw it once, just a glimpse but it was enough not to drink from it ever again. My humans just don’t get it, like hundred other thing, so they try to bribe me with cookies to drink from it (sometimes it works). First they need to sit next to water bowl. Than offer one cookie to water monster (they always put it next to water bowl but he doesn’t take it, I guess he is more into eating dogs that cookies). Than they need to stir water with their finger. I sit and wait for water monster, if he doesn’t show up it is safe to drink water. But I wont be drinking form there ever again I have found flower pot in yard. No water monster there. 😀